Life of a Teenager

Article on student stress and college entrance exams.
New York Times article on Hip Hop artists in China.

The Environment

Blog entry form Tehran Times on the current state of recycling in China.
Article on China's economic growth and energy consumption.

: Excerpt from Postcards from Tomorrow Square on Mr. Zhang, businessman and clean-energy enthusiast.

Intellectual Piracy

PBS Newshour segment on China's intellectual property problem.
Excerpt from Postcards from Tomorrow Square about China's factories and culture of piracy.

Pop Culture-Connect to History

(Read and view Group A or B - one chapter and one PBS segment)

Group A
Author's experience being sent to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution
PBS Newshour segment on the new Chinese middle class consumer.

Group B
on Chairman Mao as a leader.
PBS Newshour segment on Mao's influence on China today.

Internet Censorship in China

Excerpt on ineffectiveness China's Great Firewall.
New York Times article on China's pulling back on Internet censorship for personal computers.

Shanghai Yesterday and Today

Read in Google Books pp. 38-49 of Chapter 2 "Shanghai" in //Dragon Rising// by Jasper Becker.

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